Steering Committee

Financial Director

Michelle Hontz, of Raleigh County, is a second-generation homeschooler and the Financial Director for REACH.


Michelle, a homeschooling mother of five, has served on the REACH Steering committee for three years. She also helps lead the REACH program intended to serve the community, called outREACH. Coordinating free carwashes as well as Christmas caroling at the local assisted living facility are ways Michelle has helped work against the disconnect that may inadvertently happen when families choose to homeschool.


Michelle also teaches piano and believes strongly that homeschoolers benefit from investing in one another.



Steering Committee

Membership Director

Meggan Price, wife of Josh and mother of four children, resides in Raleigh County.  Native born to Lattimore, North Carolina, she and her family have been calling West Virginia home for the past three years. 

She graduated with her Associates Degree in 2008, and was a caseworker handling Medicaid and Food Stamp cases in North Carolina before moving with her family to become a stay-at-home mom.

This will be her third year homeschooling and first year serving on the REACH Steering Committee. Meggan looks forward to her new role, and becoming better acquainted with everyone here. 



Steering Committee

Middle School Events Director

Jaime Ward, wife of Nick and mother to five, has served on REACH Steering Committee for the past seven years.


A resident of Summers County, Jaime serves as the REACH High Committee Liaison supporting the effort to provide scheduled activities for those 12 and up, and also serves as Membership Director.


Jaime has homeschooled eleven years, graduating her eldest in 2019, and is committed to supporting REACH as it aims to meet the growing needs of southern WV homeschoolers.



Steering Committee

Elementary Events Director

Rachel, of Raleigh County, is the blessed wife of David and mother of three.


In addition to her roles of wife and mother, Rachel is a licensed RN. She currently works, part-time, in a local emergency room, as well as Hospice House. 


Rachel and her family are entering their 5th year homeschooling. This is her first year serving on the REACH Steering committee.


Rachel is a recent breast cancer survivor. This battle left her with a profound appreciation for her family, as well as the memories they have been able to create together. In her role as Elementary Director, she looks forward to planning future REACH events that will create precious memories for group members as well as their families.



Steering Committee

Educational Director

Bekki Stephens, of Summers County, lives with her husband and three children. She has been homeschooling for nine years, graduating her eldest in 2021. This is her first year as the Educational Director for REACH. 


She graduated from Berean Baptist College with a Bachelor of Science. Over the past ten years, she has taught in various Christian schools and directed a preschool art class. In her spare time, she writes fiction and is a published author.


She was a foster parent for six years and worked as an ASO provider for a time, helping other local foster parents and families in crisis. She and her husband adopted two of their children through the foster to adopt program here in WV.



Steering Committee

Media Director

Trena Canady is a Raleigh County resident, and was raised in Raleigh County where she graduated with her high school sweetheart, and husband of 26 years. Together they have honored their covenant promise, and raised their three children.

Trena has poured herself into mothering, making it her career and living it as her calling. She loves being a wife and a mother. This role changes and evolves as she grows, and as her babies grow. Seasons ebb and flow, and she finds herself always in foreign territory. She transitioned briefly from a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother to a working mom with three kids in private school. For three years she wasn’t their primary teacher. But, they have found their way back home, all except her oldest son. 

Her oldest has recently joined the U.S. Navy, and started his own home with his beautiful bride. He will be leaving for bootcamp shortly. The Canady’s are both humbled and extremely proud that he would follow in his father’s footsteps in preserving American Freedom. He watched his father board a plane headed for Iraq, so he understands the costs associated with this life he has chosen. He has signed a Nuclear contract with the Navy, making his schooling after bootcamp extremely intense. Trena has always wanted her children to accomplish everything God has for them, even the hard and scary things. 

She loves her West Virginia mountains. She adores the simplicity and authenticity of Appalachian life. Trena has traced her lineage as far back as she can, and it begins and ends here in Southern WV. Women with her blood as far back as she can find, have roamed these hills and cooked these meals. They are mountain people deeply devoted to God and family, and Trena hopes to help others find the beauty in mountain motherhood.



Legislative Liaison

Jamie Buckland is a resident of Mercer County, where she lives on a small hobby farm with her husband and four children. 


Jamie is Executive Director and Headmistress of Appalachian Classical Academy, a tutoring program for homeschoolers. She also works with homeschool group leaders as a professional consultant.


Most recently she was appointed as REACH's Legislative Liaison, working to bridge the gap between parents and representatives. Reach Jamie at