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G. Payton Testimonial

Being the master of our own schedule, teaching our kids practical life skills, socialization with all ages, no bullying, training up our kids the way they should go, and getting better rest are just a few of the reasons that we began our home education while sharing a chain link fence with an elementary school.  Over the last 16 years of starting our kid friendly home as a military couple, we have moved around the country a lot, and support groups were necessary sources of connection to a like minded community.  Upon retirement of 27 years of military service, this move was no different. With the help of REACH,  we found money saving field trips, fun local events on our schedule and good social and physical outlooks for our diverse needs.   With children at each level: Pre K, elementary, middle and high, the co-op offered in fall and spring is the best avenue for each of our children to choose a few short classes according to their individual interests.  
Like any support group that we have been a part of, it's only as good as you put into it.  There are a lot of hardworking people in the group and God has given us all a purpose that we can share.  We are thankful to have met so many in just a year and look forward to the upcoming year.

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